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This Week S723
• When will Wisconsin have an elk-hunting season?
• Love and death in an Oregon steelhead town

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UpClose S723• Hungarian angler wins Two Rivers Carp Fest tournament

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Should Wisconsin locate a second elk herd in Jackson County?

The question we want to know is WHAT do YOU think of this. Let us know. Take the POLL!


Proposed Black River Falls Elk Herd

Proposed Black River Falls Elk Herd

Considerable public interest and adequate habitat within Jackson County has driven the Department to consider release of a second elk herd.

Following the successful reintroduction of elk to the Clam Lake area, an interested and dedicated group of sportsmen known as the Jackson County Wildlife Fund (JCWF) proposed the concept of reintroduction of elk to eastern Jackson County.

The Jackson County board adopted a resolution in support of the reintroduction of elk to public lands in eastern Jackson County. The JCWF forwarded their proposal to the Wisconsin DNR.

The Wisconsin DNR, after determining that historical and adequate elk habitat existed in the Black River area, conducted public meetings in March of 1999 and September of 2000 to determine if public support existed on a community level. The three meetings held in September of 2000 showed support among the public.




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Wisconsin DNR big-game ecologist reports on the status of Wisconsin’s elk herd and an update on the elk management plan

Kevin Wallenfang


Steelhead guide and author from Corvallis, Oregon talks about his mystery novel Holding Lies

John Larison


Fishing guide from Wausau, Wisconsin reports fantastic smallmouth and muskie action on the Wisconsin River

Kurt Schultz

GENE DELLINGER | proprietor of D&S Bait, Tackle & Archery in Madison, reports good bass, walleye and panfish action on the Madison chain and muskies are starting to bite

Gene Dellinger


FISHING CONTESTS: Find them ALL online:  @ American Fishing Contests


Grant boosts investigations into why bass are booming, walleye waning in some lakes

Largemouth bass are booming in northwestern Wisconsin. DNR’s Travis Holte shows off a nice fish captured during a spring survey on Polk County’s Apple River Flowage.

photo courtesy WNDR ©2012

MADISON – Work to help understand and respond to why bass are booming and walleye waning in many northwestern Wisconsin lakes just got a big boost.

A consortium of researchers and fisheries biologists from the University of Wisconsin’s Madison and Stevens Point campuses and the Department of Natural Resources have received a $760,000 federal grant over five years to help investigate the shifting fish populations and tease out the most likely reasons behind the shift.

Apple River Flowage largemouth“We’re excited to have a large-scale, collaborative research project underway to tackle our key questions and help inform our management decisions,” says Jon Hansen, one of the DNR fish biologists involved in the study and leader of DNR’s bass committee.

“The issue is very complicated, and identifying the causes of these changes requires various approaches and the expertise that the different partners bring to the table.”

Says Steve Carpenter, a UW-Madison limnologist and a principal investigator in the study, “At this point, we have nothing but hypotheses. Now we can get to work on gathering real information and figuring out which of the many hypotheses might be right.”

The grant is funded by the U.S. Geological Survey and will be led at UW-Madison by Carpenter, at Stevens Point by Dan Isermann, and at the DNR by a team of DNR Bureau of Science Services researchers and Fisheries Management biologists.

The work will build on, and draw data from, ongoing state efforts to adjust bass and walleye fishing regulations and attempt to determine how much anglers affect these populations. Bass are the fish Wisconsin anglers reported releasing most often in a 2006-07 statewide mail survey, with only 5.4 percent of bass harvested, while 30 percent of all walleye were harvested.

“These traditional approaches (changing regulations and collecting data) are important to do, but if that is all we did, we’ve never be able to figure out what this is happening,” says John Lyons, the DNR fisheries researcher who assembled the collaborative research team. “We’d still be speculating. What this study will do is not necessarily provide the solution, but it will narrow down the explanations from 10 plausible reasons to two or three that are highly plausible, and which of our management tools could work.”

Read more here:

For more information:

  • Steve Hewett – DNR – (608) 267-7501
  • Mike Staggs – DNR – (608) 267-0796
  • Steve Carpenter – UW-Madison – (608) 262-3014
  • Dan Isermann – UWSP – (715) 295-8878


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