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VOL: JUNE 23, 2012   ISSUE: SHOW #725


Blue Harbor Resort: Classic Lakeside Resort & Spa


This Week: DSORe S725• Kids and archery make a great combo

Contest Line: Northland Tackle

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UpClose: DSORe S725• New feature: Outdoors Radio’s favorite eateries

• Jeff reports great fun, great food and great people in Mercer, Wisconsin

Northland Fishing Tackle


Do you approve of the proposed framework for a wolf hunting and trapping season?

YES 69.6% | NO 21.7% | MAYBE 8.7% | UNDECIDED 0% | COMMENTS [6]



More on wolves: Is the proposed harvest quota of 142-233 wolves too low?

The question we want to know is WHAT do YOU think of this. Let us know. Take the POLL!


Wisconsin’s gray wolf population grew in 2012

PARK FALLS, Wis. — Wisconsin’s gray wolf population at the close of the 2011-2012 winter was estimated to be 815-880, a roughly 4 percent increase over the 2010-2011 end-of-winter estimate. A total of 41-42 wolves were counted on Native American reservations and thus the total count of wolves outside of reservations was 774-838 wolves. A late winter population of 350 wolves outside reservations is the current state wolf population goal for Wisconsin.

Wolves in Wisconsin were removed from the federal endangered species list on January 27, 2012, and management authority was returned to the states and tribes for gray wolves living in the Western Great Lakes. Since 2004, the State of Wisconsin listed the gray wolf as a protected wild animal, and on April 2, 2012 it was designated a game species. The Department of Natural Resources is developing rules to allow a public wolf hunting and trapping season (PDF) starting October 15, 2012.




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NASP-certified archery instructor at Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Freistadt, Wisconsin shares some advice for getting started right in archery and announces an archery competition on July 4 and instructor training class on July 14

Rich Fromahder, Trinity Lutheran Centershots


Mercer, Wisconsin guide talks about hot summer walleye action on the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage

Jeff Robl, Mercer, Wisconsin fishing guide

Great Lakes Roofing: Beyond Roofing Solutions ESPN Madison 100.5 FM

RON BAREFIELD | reports great walleye, bass and catfish action on Lake Wisconsin

Ron Barefield - Madison Report S725


them ALL online:  @ American Fishing Contests




Learn to hunt deer at Buckhorn State Park: Opportunity is not just for kids

Learn to hunt deer at Buckhorn State Park

Opportunity is not just for kids

image courtesy WDNR ©2012

NECEDAH, Wis. — Anyone 10 years old and older including novice adult hunters who have had an interest in hunting but weren’t sure how to give it a try are encouraged to consider a Learn-to-Hunt deer outing at Buckhorn State Park along the Castle Rock Flowage in Juneau County.

Heather Wolf, Buckhorn State Park manager, says this is the 15th year the park has hosted a Learn to Hunt Deer Hunt program.

“We have had 693 participants over the years. First time hunters and their chaperones have learned together at the workshop and have enjoyed their time spent in the woods,” Wolf said.

To participate in the November 2012 hunt, search the Department of Natural Resources website for “Buckhorn,” and then click on the learn to deer hunt link on right column. Download the application form [PDF], complete it, and mail it to the address shown by August 10.

There are two parts to the Learn to Hunt Deer at Buckhorn. First, a workshop is held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 8 or 9 at the LaValle Sportsman’s Club. Attendance by hunters and chaperones is mandatory. Second, the hunt occurs Nov. 3 and 4 at Buckhorn State Park and adjacent wildlife area.

Applicants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis and will be notified upon receipt of their applications.

A chaperone must accompany each applicant. Applicants may select a chaperone (i.e., family or friend) or authorize Buckhorn staff to assign a qualified chaperone. This person will not be allowed to hunt or carry a firearm and must be at least 18 years old. The chaperone must have at least five years of deer hunting experience. The chaperone is necessary to ensure novice hunters get the complete hunting experience in a safe environment. Chaperones help hunters with firearm safety, deer identification, scouting, and field dressing, among other things.

Successful applicants and their chaperones must attend a workshop in order to participate in the hunt.

A hunting license is not required and back tags will be furnished. This is a bonus deer and will not preclude the harvest of a deer during the regular season. The bag limit will be one deer of either sex. Only shotguns will be permitted; muzzleloaders and rifles are not permitted.

Chaperones also are needed, says Keith Warnke DNR Hunting and Shooting Sport Coordinator. “If you are a hunter and want to give back to the hunting heritage by getting a new hunter started, your skills are needed!” Warnke said.

To volunteer to be a chaperone, contact the park at 608-565-2789

“Learn to Hunt events are a great way to break into hunting. Novice hunters paired up with an experienced hunter will learn about conservation, safety, ethics, deer hunting tactics and firearm safety during a one-day workshop,” Warnke said. “Then, the novice hunters get a chance to experience a two-day November gun deer hunt.”

Read more here:

For more information:

  • Heather Wolf – 608-565-2789
  • Keith Warnke – 608-266-5243


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