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VOL: JULY 07, 2012   ISSUE: SHOW #727


Northland Fishing Tackle


This Week on DSORe S727, Walleyes, Salmon and more!• Summer walleye myths exploded
• Slammin salmon off California and on Lake Michigan

Hank Shaw's new book, DSORe S727
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Dumper Dan happy catchers, DSORe S727• Dan hammers salmon with Dumper Dan and Fishing Bug charters
• Jeff preps fields for fall food plots

Blue Harbor Resort: Classic Lakeside Resort & Spa

Can increased public awareness stop the spread of aquatic invasives?
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Should the Natural Resources Board approve the proposed regulations for a wolf hunting and trapping season, including a quota of 201 wolves for the 2012-13 season?

Wolf Harvest Meetings, DSORe S727

The question we want to know is WHAT do YOU think of this. Let us know. Take the POLL!

photo courtesy Scott Flaherty ©2012

Natural Resources Board to consider wolf season at July special meeting

MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released its final proposal for Wisconsin’s fall 2012 wolf hunting and trapping season. The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, the policy-making body for the Department of Natural Resources, will meet at 9 a.m. on July 17 in the Spruce/Sands room at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, 1001 Amber Ave., Stevens Point, to consider the rule.

Information on the hunting season proposal can be found on the DNR website: search for keyword “wolf.”

A wolf hunting season was approved by the Wisconsin State Legislature earlier this year. The board will review final implementation plans for the first year of that hunt.




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Northland Tackle pro staffer shares tips for catching more walleyes in hot summer weather

Brian 'Bro' Brosdahl, DSORe S727


Hunter, angler, blogger and author of Hunt, Gather, Cook talks about West Coast salmon fishing and shares some delicious recipes for grilled salmon and fish stock

Hank Shaw, DSORe S727


Founder of Hybrid Redneck previews highlights of the Churnin’ Dirt Nationals, July 20-21 in Richland Center, Wisconsin and challenges Dan and Jeff to compete in the First Annual Richland County Camel Races

Jason Schultz, DSORe S727


DUFFY KOPF | Berkley pro staffer reports good perch fishing on Lake Mendota and fast walleye action on Lake Wisconsin

Duffy Kopt, DSORe S727



FISHING CONTESTS: Find them ALL online:  @ American Fishing Contests


Breeding waterfowl numbers “about average” in an unusual spring
DSORe S727, courtesy Delta Waterfowl
Early spring creates staggered duck breeding and migration schedule
image courtesy Delta Waterfowl ©2012

MADISON – The spring 2012 waterfowl breeding picture was marked by an early spring, unusual weather, and dry conditions, which state wildlife officials say, created a challenge to survey breeding ducks in 2012. Despite that difficulty they say breeding waterfowl numbers appear to be “about average.”

“Overall, wetland numbers this spring were down but in Wisconsin our abundant permanent water contained in 15,000 lakes reduces the impact of dry conditions on the ducks,” said Kent Van Horn, Department of Natural Resources migratory waterfowl biologist. “Some areas have good wetland conditions while other areas are still very dry. But despite those dry conditions across important duck breeding areas in Wisconsin, this spring, the total breeding duck numbers in Wisconsin appear to be near the average of the last 10 years. 2012 should provide fair to good duck production across Wisconsin. Summer rains will be particularly important this year to maintain brood rearing habitat.”

Wisconsin’s warm weather in March triggered an early duck migration and breeding activity among mallards and Canada geese. However, in April a return of cold temperatures stalled the breeding activity of blue-winged teal and the migration of other duck species through Wisconsin. As a result, the spring waterfowl survey was initiated earlier than normal on April 23 in order to have the best count of breeding mallards; blue-winged teal that were still in migration through the state were counted.

Wisconsin had a dry, mild winter and entered a March where temperatures were 14 to 16 degrees above normal. Winter precipitation was 25 percent below normal which provided fewer temporary and seasonal wetlands when ducks arrived in Wisconsin this spring. However, rain did come in some northern and central state areas and the spring (March- May) rainfall was 15 percent above normal statewide, which filled seasonal wetlands in some regions.

Variation from year to year in wetland conditions and breeding ducks is part of the natural cycle in the world of wetland wildlife. Wetlands need dry periods to maintain long-term productivity and ducks are able to adapt to changing wetland conditions among years and across the continent. Conservation dollars and efforts of waterfowl hunters over the decades have protected and managed wetland and upland habitats important to breeding ducks. Protection of these areas even in dry years provides the setting for good duck responses when the rainfall increases during wet years.

Read more here:

For more information:

  • Kent Van Horn – (608) 266-8841


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