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VOL: 7  ISSUE: 732  AUGUST 11, 2012

Dan at Milford Hills Open House

thiswk225xDSORe, S732, Anglin' Wayne• Anglin’ Wayne talks fishing & Big Top Chautauqua
• Buy a new deer rifle and sight it in at Milford Hills Hunt Club
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upclose_danjeffDSORe, UpClose, S732, Jeff eats WI St Fair- cremepuff• Jeff eats his way through the Wisconsin State Fair
• Dan and Jeff discuss wolf permit applications
Blue Harbor Resort: Classic Lakeside Resort & Spa
currntpollRESULTS FOR POLL S731Do you expect some group to file a lawsuit to block Wisconsin’s first modern-day wolf hunting/trapping season?YES 73.7% | NO 15.8% | MAYBE 10.5% | UNDECIDED 0% | Comments [7]
Should the DNR stock yellow perch in Lake Michigan to help restore this formerly abundant species?

DSORe POLLpic - Yellow Perch Restock?
The question we want to know is WHAT do YOU think of this. Let us know. Take the POLL!
VOTE YOUR OPINIONphoto courtesy Jim Tostrud ©2012

Yellow Perch Fishery Needs a Lift

In the August 5 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Outdoors Editor Paul Smith writes:

Although fisheries managers have generally opposed the practice, a local angler has organized a petition to rally support for a program to stock Lake Michigan strain yellow perch in the lake.

The petition was initiated by Steven Alt of Glendale.

The petition states: “Lake Michigan’s yellow perch population has declined over 96%. With a record low population and changes brought by invasives, overfishing and environmental pollution, the ability of perch to recover on their own has proven impossible for over 20 years. Many other species of fish have been and are currently stocked, including native species such as trout, walleye, sturgeon as well as yellow perch in the past.

We feel that record low perch populations threaten the very viability of the species to survive an ever changing Lake Michigan.With the disappearance of yellow perch so went the money into the local economies, the jobs and near-shore recreational sport fishing.


pollcontest When you LEAVE a COMMENT & YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS, you are entered into the drawing – for a ZipVac portable vacuum sealer starter kit, complete with a rechargeable pump, a hand-operated pump and reusable, resealable storage bags.


Creator of Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua talks about his songs, muskie fishing, Big Top Chautauqua and his new book, Ballyhoo! Backstage Big Top Chautauqua

Warren 'Anglin Wayne' Nelson


Trading Post manager at Milford Hills Hunt Club announces the grand opening of Milford Hills’ Trading Post and 50-position shooting range

Milford Hills, Yeager, Open house


Owner of Dumper Dan’s Sportfishing Charters reports good salmon action continues on Lake Michigan off Sheboygan

Capt. Dan 'Dumper Dan' Welsch, big fish in L.Michigan off Sheboygan, WI


Madison tackle dealer Gene Dellinger reports good action for perch, walleyes and smallmouths on the Madison chain.

Gene Dellingers D&S Bait and Tackle, Madison, WI


FISHING CONTESTS: Find them ALL online:  @ American Fishing Contests


Results available from survey on turkey management plan revision

The results, from a recent survey on turkey management, in Wisconsin show strong support of current turkey management practices,photo courtesy WDNR ©2011

MADISON –- Results from a recent survey on turkey management in Wisconsin show strong support of current practices, with 80 percent of respondents indicating they believe the current seven turkey management zones provide good hunting opportunity, and over three-quarters of respondents favoring the six separate time periods of the spring hunting season.

“While there’s a lot of information yet to comb through, our initial summary provides unique insight into how hunters view various aspects of Wisconsin’s turkey season framework,” said Krista McGinley, assistant upland wildlife ecologist for the Department of Natural Resources.

The survey showed strong approval of the current permit drawing process for the spring season, but also suggested that it might be time to make some changes to the fall permit drawing process.

“Over half of the survey takers indicated that they’d support the elimination of the fall permit drawing in favor of over-the-counter permit sales,” McGinley said. “We greatly appreciate the time folks took to participate in the public input process. Thanks to this input, we’ll be able to develop a plan that continues to reflect the desires and concerns of our state’s hunters.”

Following their successful reintroduction to Wisconsin in the 1970s, wild turkeys have expanded their range so that they now occupy all counties in the state, and spring and fall turkey hunting have become very popular outdoor activities.

DNR biologists believe the current Wisconsin Wild Turkey Management Plan, written in 1996, is in need of revision in order to remain pertinent to contemporary issues related to turkey management in the state. A critical part of the revision process includes soliciting, gathering, and analyzing input from the public regarding challenges and opportunities in turkey management and hunting in Wisconsin.

During late April and early May of 2012, 11 public input sessions were held around the state, during which attendees were presented with background information and asked to complete a survey that addressed important issues related to the future direction of turkey management. The survey was also available online through the end of May. Information from this survey will help all of the partners involved in managing our state’s turkey flock in developing a plan that protects the turkey resource, but also optimizes recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

“There’s no question that the DNR and the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation have done a masterful job restoring wild turkeys back to Wisconsin,” says Cory Catlin, president of the federation’s Wisconsin chapter. “This was particularly evident a couple of years ago when our state led the nation in spring harvest. Now that we’ve seen those numbers level off a bit, it’s time to move forward with management changes that improve habitat, hunting opportunities, and the overall health of our sport.”

People can review the survey results by going to dnr.wi.gov and searching for turkey management.

Read more here:


  • Scott Walter – (608) 267-7861
  • Krista McGinley – (608) 261-8458

Friends of Poynette Game Farm to host Learn to Hunt Pheasant programs

DSORe S732 News 2, Poynette Game Farm
Friends of Poynette Game FarmThe friends group supports the mission of the DNR State Game Farm and is dedicated to providing pheasant hunting opportunities and to promoting the strong tradition of upland bird hunting in Wisconsin.photo courtesy Friends of Poynette Game Farm©2012

POYNETTE, Wis. – The Friends of Poynette Game Farm are hosting Learn to Hunt Pheasant programs this fall as a way to involve youth and family groups in the long-standing tradition of pheasant hunting in Wisconsin.

The friends group will run four free programs at the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center in Poynette this September and December. The programs are focused on youth and novice hunters over 10 years of age.

“The two-day Lean to Hunt programs focus on the basics of pheasant hunting in a fun and relaxing atmosphere,” said Bob Nack, Poynette State Game Farm manager for the Department of Natural Resources.

Nack said adults and family groups are encouraged to attend. Free programs include classroom instruction, dog training demonstrations, trap shooting, tours of the Poynette game farm and a mentored pheasant hunt.

Dates and audiences for the pheasant programs include:

  • Sept. 8-9 – Open to females with no pheasant hunting experience
  • Sept. 15-16 – Open to any individual with no pheasant hunting experience. Parents or legal guardians are encouraged to participate
  • Sept. 22-23 -Open to individuals 18 years or older with no pheasant hunting experience. Bring a friend
  • Dec. 1-2 – Open to any individual with no pheasant hunting experience. Parents or legal guardians are encouraged to participate

Applications are due August 24, and programs are limited to 20 participants. Overnight lodging is provided at the MacKenzie dormitories. Learn to Hunt application forms and other Friends of Poynette Game Farm information can be found on the Friends of Wisconsin Hunting website (exit DNR), or by calling 608-635-8120. Friends of the Poynette Game Farm can also be found on Facebook. Applications should be mailed to

PO Box 606
Poynette, WI 53955

The friends group supports the mission of the DNR State Game Farm and is dedicated to providing pheasant hunting opportunities and to promoting the strong tradition of upland bird hunting in Wisconsin. More than 50,000 pheasants from the Poynette facility are annually released on more than 70 public hunting grounds annually. These pheasants provide the only pheasant hunting opportunities for the average WI hunter. One of the friends group’s goals is to increase the number of pheasants released on public hunting grounds through public awareness and fund raising.

“We have many fond memories of hunting trips and want new hunters to make memories of their own,” said Vic Connors, FPGF president.

Read more here:


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